About ONIE

About ONIE Collage

Who We Are

The ONIE Project is short for the Oklahoma Nutrition Information Education Project, and our mission is to improve the health and nutrition of Oklahomans by creating and disseminating nutrition and physical activity information and educational activities across the state, both online, and in person!

What We Do

Here at ONIE, we conduct many initiatives to help make it easier for Oklahomans to choose a healthy lifestyle. Here are a just a few examples of what we do every year:

Where We Are Located

We are physically located at the University of Oklahoma Health Science Center in the College of Public Health in Oklahoma City, although we are funded by a grant from the USDA through the Oklahoma Department of Human Services to share our information and resources across the entire state of Oklahoma.

We Believe In:



All of our recipes are certified healthy by our registered dietician on staff.
Our initiatives are guided by evidence-based practices in the field of promotional health sciences.


We test our messaging, recipes, and other materials and programs with real Oklahomans to assure they are meeting their needs.
We continually evaluate and adapt everything we do to be more engaging and helpful to those we serve.


We promote the use of SNAP benefits to those who qualify, and work to make it easier to use them for fresh produce, providing families with the means to access healthy foods.
All our recipes are cost-effective and time-conscious, making them realistic for busy families and families on a budget.
We promote FREE resources, healthy lifestyle tips, and physical activity ideas whenever possible, so everyone can participate.


We are always expanding our networks to increase our impact on making Oklahoma the healthiest state it can be!