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About ONIE | Oklahoma Nutrition Information Education Project

The ONIE Project: Oklahoma Nutrition Information Education

About ONIE

The Oklahoma Nutrition Information and Education (ONIE Project) is housed at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center's College of Public Health, Department of Health Promotion Sciences. The project is funded by the USDA through the Oklahoma Department of Human Services. ONIE aims to improve the health of Oklahoma families by offering various nutrition and physical activity information and education materials throughout the state. ONIE is a non-profit organization created to support and strengthen the nutrition of Oklahomans.


ONIE Project activities are created by gaining feedback from Oklahomans, in an effort to understand the needs of the population. Over the past fifteen years, The Oklahoma Nutrition Information and Education Project has created nutritional calendars, promoted the use of Farmers Markets, and encouraged other various healthy activities based upon the preferences expressed by Oklahoma families. The ONIE Project strives to make options for healthy living easy and available to everyone.


Oklahoma has one of the highest rates of hunger in the United States, especially for children. Every day Oklahomans have to decide whether to pay rent, buy medicines or eat. Many of these Oklahomans have jobs, yet do not have enough income to survive.

The Oklahoma Nutrition Information and Education Project (ONIE Project) offers ideas to stretch food dollars, make healthy food choices, and healthy recipes for low-cost meals to help make sure Oklahomans have enough to eat. We also want to promote the use of SNAP benefits for those who qualify. SNAP benefits help provide families with the means to buy healthy foods to help keep Oklahoma families strong.

As of 2014, SNAP helps more than 608,000 children and adults in Oklahoma each month to get enough food. The Oklahoma DHS offices have applications for SNAP benefits. Your income and expenses are used to see if you are eligible and how much help you might receive. Only people in the house who receive SNAP benefits need to give personal information.

ONIE has participated in SNAP education efforts in Oklahoma as well as SNAP outreach.

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