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Karla Finnell

Karla Finnell

Project Researcher
801 NE 13th Street, Room 473
Oklahoma City, 
Phone (Work):
405-271-2017 x46743

Karla is the Staff Researcher for the ONIE Project. Her job is to assist with researching new ONIE initiatives and evaluate the effectiveness of nutrition and physical activity efforts. Karla is a regular contributor to the ONIE blog. She also assists with ONIE’s other educational programs. Karla recently completed her PhD in health promotion sciences from the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. Her dissertation examined the psychographics associated with the type of milk selected for the purpose of developing a social marketing intervention and evaluated the effectiveness of the 1% Low-Fat Milk Has Perk! social marketing intervention. Karla also has experience in program development and health policy. She has been recognized by Kathleen Sebelius, then Governor of the State of Kansas, and the Kansas State Legislature for her leadership role in expanding access to primary health care services.  She is also a lawyer.


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