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Chicken Fingers

Chicken Fingers
The featured recipe of the week is chicken fingers. A family favorite but with a special twist. As indicated on the picture, it is 1 to 1 certified, which tells me that the salt/sodium in a single serving does not exceed the amount of calories per serving. This is an easy rule of thumb to help me limit my salt/sodium intake to 2300 mg per day, the daily recommend amount. Read More

They are Pouring the Salt!

They are Pouring the Salt!
This week read the facts about the salt poured on for us in much of the food that we buy! Plus, we have a healthy, low-sodium salsa recipe that easy for you to make and easy on the budget. Read More

Experience a Bit of France!

Experience a Bit of France!
Today, I wish to share with you what I know about nutrition and eating habits in France. It may be interesting to compare what we do in France to the USA. We have a National Nutrition and Health Program in France called Manger-Bouger or Eat and Move. It means eat 5 fruits and veggies per day and do a minimum of 30 minutes of physical activity per day. Read More

ABCS of Kids' Food Games

ABCS of Kids' Food Games
The first week of a new school year is a very exciting time for children. With all this excitement kids are bound to be hungry when they come home. It is important to have healthy and easy snack choices ready for kids. The ONIE Project has two great afterschool snacks that parents and children can make together: apple race cars and banana bugs. Read More

Watermelon, the State Vegetable

Nothing says summer for me like watermelon and ONIE was offering tastings of watermelon last weekend. For us Oklahomans, watermelon is the official state vegetable. If you like factoids, here is another one. A watermelon is one of the few foods that is both a fruit and vegetable. Yes, the watermelon is a superfood. One slice has almost a fifth of the daily recommended amount of Vitamin A and C. Read More

Recipe of the Month- Turkey Tarragon Pitas

Recipe of the Month- Turkey Tarragon Pitas
Turkey Tarragon Pitas are a great summer dish. They are light but you feel full after eating one serving. The recipe is easy, just mix everything together. You can make the recipe ahead and serve it a few days later even. Read More

Summer Fresh Salsa!


Easy Summer Salads!


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