2015 Harvest Hustle Preparation - ONIE Project

2015 Harvest Hustle Preparation

Posted by ONIE Project on 10/01/2015

Only 3 days until the Harvest Hustle 5K and Wellness Expo.  On October 4, 2015, it is time to get moving at MWC Regional Park!

What should I wear?

The weather forecast is 73 degrees with no chance of rain and 5-10 mph northeast breeze, sounds like a perfect afternoon in the park. It will be warm when you are walking or running the course. We ask that all participants wear the race-shirt provided at packet pick-up to show your support and let our sponsor Variety Care know we thank them for purchasing all our shirts. 

The Harvest Hustle with ONIE ProjectThe Harvest Hustle forecast with ONIE Project

What time should I get there?

The wellness expo and drawings start at 1:00 p.m.  New vendors, games and activities have been added to the Wellness Expo. Midwest City Jazzercise will do a demo at 1:45. The group warm-up begins at 2:30 and the race starts at 3:00 p.m. Also, if you didn't pick up your packet on Friday or Saturday, packet-pick up at the race is at 12:30, but we strongly recommend picking your packet up at the YMCA on Friday from noon-8:00 or Saturday from 8:00-5:00 to avoid long waits and remember t-shirts are first come, first served. 

The Harvest Hustle Wellness Expo with ONIE Project

  1.  Midwest City YMCA
  2.  ONIE Project
  3.  Spencer Family Dentistry
  4.  Harold Hamm Diabetes Center
  5.  Alliance Heath
  6. Midwest City Jazzercise
  7. Walgreens
  8. American Lung Association
  9. Oklahoma Health Care Authority
  10. Variety Care
  11. Stevens and Dillinger Physical Therapy
  12. No Excuses OKC
  13. Es Speech
  14. Zugio and the Sunshine Kidz
  • Police: Midwest City Police Department
  • Fire Dept: Midwest City Fire Department
  • Food Bank Drop Off: Mid-Del Food Pantry
  • Del City Metropolitan Library: Jump Rope Zone


What should I eat for lunch?

The key is to avoid any heavy food.  Bagels, bananas, and peanut butter are good choices. A favorite of ONIE is peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on whole wheat bread. These foods give you both a carbohydrate and a protein that will give you energy throughout the whole race; energy that will last. Foods like cheeseburgers, pizzas, and fried foods can give you a stomach ache when you are active.

What should I drink?

Drink water before, during, and after the race. Drinking water and staying hydrated are an important part of your race day. We will have water for participants before the race, have 3 water stops on the course, and a bottle of water for you after you cross the finish line.

The Harvest Hustle with ONIE Project

What if I come in last?

The Harvest Hustle is a complete not compete 5K race. The goal is to have fun and be active. Throughout the course, we will have 5 different FUN ZONES for you to try. For those of you who want to know how fast you are, we will have a time clock going at the start and finish. Remember to wear your finishers medal proud, you just beat the thousands who are on the couch on their Sunday afternoon.  We really hope you are ready for a lot of fun with your friends and family.

What if I get separated from my friends and family on the finish line?

Create a plan before the race, and agree upon a place to meet friends and family after the race. We would love to have you cheer on all the people crossing the finish line until the rest of your group finishes! 

How can I make it extra fun?

The Let's Get Midwest City Moving Planning Team will award the top 3 most festive families or individuals at the harvest hustle. But do not worry, there is no need to spend a lot of money getting a special costume. Fun, creative costumes are always the favorite! 

What to bring to the Wellness Expo. 

We will be collected canned food for the Mid-Del Food Pantry, so if you can bring a can or non-perishable foods. There will be a bag in your packet to bring your food items to the race. Every 15 minutes starting at 1, we will draw for prizes from those who donated. We would suggest bringing your race backpack to hold extra water or other goodies you pick up from the Wellness Expo. 

The Harvest Hustle with ONIE Project The last and best tip!

It is all about having fun and spending time with your friends, family, and community. We will have tons of encouraging signs and people along the course to help keep you on route and cheer you on as you finish!! Have a great time and enjoy the music, games, and activities at the Wellness Expo and during the race. We will be there to take your pictures throughout the event and you can even strike a pose at the Family Fun Photo Booth.

The Harvest Hustle with ONIE Project

We can't wait to see everyone at the race on Sunday! Let's Get Midwest City Moving!

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