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A Healthy Year & Black-eyed Peas

Posted by ONIE Project on 12/30/2014

The new year is a great time to start new family traditions that can help get you and your family more healthy and active not only in 2015 but for years to come. The ONIE project has three tips to help you along the way. We also prepared a wonderful black-eyed peas dish we would love to share to help you and your families bring in the new year!

Step 1: Cut back on TV time

ONIE Project: Tips for Healthier Living
We tend to snack more on unhealthy foods when watching TV. Try cutting back on TV time to avoid this or have healthy snacks, including pre-cut fruits and vegetables, on hand while watching. Reducing TV time also leaves more time to be active with you family. You can also be active while watching TV by doing commercial activity breaks, such as five jumping jacks during one commercial and five sit ups for another.

Step 2: Park farther away from the entrance

ONIE Project: Tips for Healthier Living

While shopping or going on a family outing try to park farther away from the entrance. This is an easy and great way for you and your family to be more active together. Get kids involved by having them count the number of steps they take to the entrance of the store.


Step 3: Go for whole grainONIE Project: Tips for Healthier Living

When picking out pastas, breads or other grain products for you and your family to eat look for the yellow whole grain stamp. Whole grain foods have more fiber and vitamins compared to enriched grain products such as white bread and white flour. If you are not used to the taste of whole grains try mixing whole grains and enriched grains half and half. Have kids help find whole grain products by playing I Spy for the yellow stamp. Try to make a least half your grains whole.

New Year’s Barley Black-eyed Peas

ONIE Project: Tips for Healthier Living

The ONIE team created a wonderful New Year’s Barley Black-eyed Peas recipe to bring in the new year. This recipe provides a serving of protein with black-eyed peas, whole grains with barley, and vegetables with the pepper and onion mix, although any mixture of vegetables can be used.  To find the recipe click here.
We hope you have a happy and healthy new year!
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