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Beef & Veggie Mac

Posted by ONIE Project on 03/05/2015

Beef and Veggie Mac recipe from ONIE

ONIE's first blog for March features the month's recipe from the 2015 Hearty, Healthy, & Homemade Nutrition Calendar. I have already made this recipe at home twice since the calendar was released and love it!  With a recipe similar to the store bought hamburger mixes, the ONIE Project has created a complete dish with hamburger, veggies, cheese, and macaroni. For me, Beef & Veggie Mac tastes like the comfort food I crave, yet it is surprisingly healthier. 

Below are a few facts about what makes Beef & Veggie Mac a healthier choice for you and your family: 

  • One for One CertifiedSimple beef recipes from ONIE
    • Beef & Veggie Mac is low-sodium; each serving contains 382 calories and 247mg of sodium. An easy way to watch your sodium is to choose foods that have a sodium level(mg) that is not greater than the number of calories in each serving and meets the one-for- one standard. 
  • Spinach is a main ingredient  
    • Spinach is rich in vitamins and minerals, as well as low in calories. It's a nutrient rich food. Adding frozen spinach to recipes is a quick and easy way to increase the servings of vegetables for your family.
  • Whole-wheat macaroni   
    • The ONIE team prefers cooking with whole-wheat products. Grains are important source of fiber, several B vitamins, and minerals. Whole-wheat products have more fiber than refined grain products and may reduce the risk of heart disease. Eating whole gains can also help with weight management.



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