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Celebrate Farm to School Month!

Posted by ONIE Project on 10/19/2017

National Farm to School Month

What is Farm to School month?

Farm to School month happens every October to raise awareness about the movement of connecting local, healthy produce to kids and communities through schools.  For more information about ways you can be involved and spread the word, check out the National Farm to School Network website!

What exactly is the Farm to School initiative?

The Farm to School initiative

 brings locally grown produce to grade schools and preschools.  This program also offers educational opportunities including:

Oklahoma Farm to School

Farm to school program nutrition education

Farm Field Trips

Cooking Lessons

Edible School Gardens

Why are Farm to School programs so important?

  • Studies show that students eat MORE fruits and veggies when they are farm-fresh!
  • Not only do students benefit from better overall nutrition and nutrition education, but the Farm to School program also reduces child hunger and helps with preventing obesity!
  • Using produce from local farms increases jobs and helps to strengthen the local economy.

Do we have any Farm to School programs here in Oklahoma?

Yes!  Check out this map to see which schools and growers are currently participating in Farm to School programs here in Oklahoma!

How can I help my school become more involved with the Farm to School initiative?

If you would like to be part of the Farm to School program initiative, these resources are a great place to start!

What Parents and Teachers Can Do

Getting Started with Farm to School

If your school already participates in Farm to School activities and you didn't see it on the map, be sure to e-mail Cheri Long and get added! [email protected]Farm to school program tahlequah

Remember, the Farm to School program is just one of many different ways you can support your local economy and get the best quality fruits and vegetables.  Another great way is by visiting your local farmers market!

For a list of different farmers markets across the state, check out this link and help keep a good thing growing!!

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