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Celebrate July 4th with a Fishing Outing!

Posted by ONIE Project on 07/03/2013
Fishing is a fun summer time activity that the whole family can get involved in. It is a great time to go outside and soak up the summer sun. Also, fish caught during family fishing trips can be used to make meals that are high in protein and other nutrients.


Going Fishing!

Oklahoma City has many fishing locations available. Of course there are the major lakes, such as Lake Draper, Lake Overholser, and Lake Hefner. But did you know that there are other places to fish in the city besides the lakes?  With the help of the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation, the city has established a close to home fishing program, which includes many ponds in the Oklahoma City metro area. This website shows the locations of the close to home fishing spots. OKC (close to home) Fishing Spots Before you go fishing, don’t forget to get a permit! Fishing permits are needed to fish in any city or state water. Look at the ODWC website for details. Fishing Permit Information After a peaceful day of fishing you might not know what to do with the day’s catch. Don’t worry! Here are some tips and tricks on how to clean and freeze your freshly caught fish. That way, you can save some for a tasty meal later on down the road.

 Endof day_Fishing

How to Prep and Store

Another way to make your fish stay fresh for a longer length of time is by cleaning it shortly after you catch it. If you have never cleaned a fish before, here is a guide on the correct way to do so.


1. Make sure to use a sharp knife and have cold water available.

2. Wash the fish to remove all dirt and slime.

Step 3_Fishing

3. Start cleaning the fish by cutting from the vent (located just above the tail) to the throat (right below the head). Be careful not to cut too deep because you could cut into an organ and spoil the meat.

4.  Remove the gills. This helps increase freezer life.


5.  Next, you are going to remove the fish’s organs. This is pretty easy to do since they should be located together in a neat bundle. Cut the organs away at the vent and the throat of the fish.


6. After pulling out the organs, use a spoon to clean out leftover tissues or blood.

 Fsh reinse Step 7

7. Lastly, rinse off the now clean fish with cold water to remove all slime and blood.  You may choose to remove scales before or after cooking or freezing. They shouldn't affect taste or storage life of the fish.

Fish freeze

Now your fish is ready to be cooked or frozen! If you choose to freeze your fish, you can place it in a freezer bag or plastic wrap. Be sure to put the date on the covered fish before you freeze it. Fish typically stay good frozen for 3 months. BONUS TIP: How you handle the fish right after it is caught can affect not only its taste but also how long it will stay good. When you unhook the fish, don’t let it flop around on the ground. Flopping can cause bruising in the fish, change its taste, and shorten its freezer life. Have fun and enjoy the summer sunshine! Jade Fish sun



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