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Check the Salt!

Posted by ONIE Project on 09/15/2015

ONIE Project: Choose Less Salt

The rule of thumb is to eat no more than 1 tsp of salt each day, which is 2300mg of sodium. Yet most of us are consuming 3400mg every day, much more than the recommended amount. But it can be SO HARD to keep up with the amount of salt you eat each day. It is not YOU measuring the teaspoon of salt—the food manufactures have already added it to your food.

No worries, ONIE has created an easy salt check tool for you. Just remember, 1 for 1. Choose foods with no more than 1mg of sodium for 1 calorie. With this guide, you know whether a food has too much sodium with a quick glance at the food label.

Here are the steps:

  1. Locate the food label on the package of food.
  2. Match the sodium and calories, 1 calorie for 1 mg of sodium.
  3. Choose food that has no more than 1mg of sodium for 1 calorie. 

You cannot go wrong. If the mgs of sodium are equal to or less than the amount of calories per serving, this food is a good choice. For example, one serving of frozen cut broccoli has about 30 calories and only 20mg of sodium. It passes the 1 for 1 salt check and is a healthy choice! On the other hand, a serving of frozen broccoli with added cheese sauce has 60 calories and 380mg of sodium. Not such a healthy choice.  

ONIE Project: Choose Less Salt

ONIE Project: Choose Less Salt

Frozen veggies, no added salt. A Healthy Family Choice. Click here for a fun video, ChooseLessSalt.

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