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Fall Days and Nights

Posted by ONIE Project on 10/15/2015

 Make a healthy transition to fall with ONIE

Fall has arrived.  As the days become shorter and chilly, it is easy for me to slide on some of my healthy habits like going for walks outside and eating veggies and fruit.  Instead, I am tempted to spend more time indoors and reach for high calorie and salty comfort foods.  From what I have learned from my friends, I am not alone—most of us adjust our routines with seasonal changes.  The ONIE Project has three ideas to ease the season transition. 

  • Use more frozen fruits and veggies 

Frozen produce can be used in baking, stews, sauces, and as an extra ingredient in salads.  Frozen at peak freshness, they are as nutritious as fresh.  They are also convenient and affordable.  Choose a large bag, store in your freezer, and use at your convenience.

  • Choose healthy comfort foods 

Who doesn’t love comfort foods when the days are chilly?  ONIE found that one or two small changes can make old favs healthier such as baking instead of frying, use 1% milk instead of whole milk, and substituting applesauce for butter.  Also, try pulling together a stew using your crockpot and frozen veggies.

  • Adjust your physical activity routine

Maintaining a physical activity routine can be challenging when it starts getting cold.  But some outdoor activities are better in the fall when dressed in layers, like walking or riding a bike.  I really enjoy seeing all the trees changing colors, and Oklahoma City has a free network of paved trails for your enjoyment. Even raking fall leaves will get your heart rate up.  Motivate yourself by setting small goals or inviting a friend to join you.  

From Karla and the ONIE Project

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