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FREE Recipe Cards at Your Farmers Market

Posted by ONIE Project on 06/07/2018

farmers market recipe cards

If you haven’t seen our farmers market recipe cards yet, discover them for the first time below! You can find them for free at any SNAP Accepting market which makes it easy to decide what to make for dinner using all the fresh ingredients you just purchased.  We test all the recipes to make sure they are delicious before we publish them, making these recipes the perfect tool to try new produce.

On the front of each recipe card is a picture of which produce item is being featured.  Under the picture, you will find information about when that item is in season, how to select the ripest produce available of that variety, how to store it to make it last as long as possible, and any other tips that might be helpful in making your selection.

On the back of the card is a recipe using that produce item, which has been analyzed by our registered dietitian to make sure it is nutritious, and taste-tested to make sure it is delicious!  All of our recipes are quick to prepare, have easy-to-follow instructions, and are made with easy clean up in mind.

farmers market produce

Our hope is that our recipes make it easier to enjoy all of the fresh and delicious produce currently in season that has been grown throughout our state, so get out and try as much of it as you can while it lasts!  Also, if you’ve enjoyed our recipes at the marketplace and would like to continue to enjoy them all year long, find more on our website!  Be sure to rate them so we can develop more recipes like the ones you love!  

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