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Fun FREE Christmas Gifts

Posted by ONIE Project on 12/16/2015

Holidays are a time to share.  Spending time together is a priceless gift.  In fact, family time is one of the most valuable gifts that you give anyone, especially your kids. ONIE has a few gift ideas for things you can do with your kids. And they are FREE!  Use these coupons as stocking stuffers to make the gift exchange.  

#1  Be a Cookie Chef Holiday ideas for kids from ONIE

Kids love freshly baked cookies and making their own is fun. Try these quick and easy kid-friendly recipes: Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookies and Cranberry-Orange Nut Cookies. No special equipment is required and the steps are easy enough for kids of any age to help.

#2 A Day in NatureHoliday ideas for kids from ONIE

Martin Park Nature Center & Trail is always free. It is a 140 acre nature park featuring a hands-on nature center, playground, and library. It has three hiking trails. A variety of small animals and birds make this park their home so there is plenty to see and do. 

#3 You Get to ChooseHoliday ideas for kids from ONIE

It can be hard to get kids to eat their veggies. However, when kids are allowed to choose the vegetable, they are more likely to eat it. Here is the gift idea: bring your child to the grocery store and allow them to pick a veggie to try. This gift idea is a win/win for both you and the kids. As parents, we want to help our kids form healthy habits early. Your kid gets to try something new, a veggie he or she picked out at the grocery store or farmers’ market.  

#4 Custom-Made Hula HoopHoliday ideas for kids from ONIE

Children as young as five can enjoy hula hooping. This fun activity improves coordination, core strength, endurance, and flexibility. It also improves concentration because you need to focus to practice. Children and adolescents can make their own custom hula hoop in just 5 easy steps with ONIE’s easy guide. These hula hoops are inexpensive, durable, and you make them in any color you choose.   

# 5 Choose Your Favorite EventHoliday ideas for kids from ONIE

Oklahoma City has a wonderful library system, Metropolitan Library. Not only can you check out free books, movies, and games, but the library hosts a wide array of free events.  Available events differ by location but there is something for everyone--toddlers, children, teenagers, and adults. The picture on the right is a yoga class at Southern Oaks Library. My favorite event is children reading to dogs.  What is your favorite?

#6 Walk thru the Holiday Lights Holiday ideas for kids from ONIE

Get into the holiday spirit by taking the whole family to view the Christmas Lights. It is free and ONIE has a list of holiday light displays near you.  This year Midwest City is hosting a new event, Storyland Christmas at Charles J. Johnson Central Park in Town Center Plaza.

#7 Make Your Own Apple CarHoliday ideas for kids from ONIE

Food games are always fun. ONIE has several ways to make fun food treats, such as apple cars, banana bugs, snowman on a stick, and spider munch. Kids can make any of these healthy treats with their fingers. Click here to learn how to do these food games.  

#8 An Afternoon in the ParkHoliday ideas for kids from ONIE

Oklahoma City has dozens of free parks and Midwest City maintains 5 parks, including the Joe B. Barnes Regional Park. Even in the winter, Oklahoma has many good weather days. A play day in the park is a gift for you and the kids—make it a free, family fun day.

Wishing you and yours the happiest of holidays.

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