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Posted by ONIE Project on 12/28/2015

2016 Nutrition Calendar from ONIE Project

2016 ONIE Hearty, Healthy & Homemade Calendar

Don't miss out on the FREE 2016 ONIE Hearty, Healthy & Homemade Calendar. Each monthly page features recipes, links to cooking videos, and healthy living tips. Towards the back of the calendar, you will find other handy guides and resources. The 2016 ONIE calendar is now available at all DHS locations. Many food banks serving the central and eastern portions of the state will be distributing this FREE calendar as well—check your local food back to see if it is available. In addition, select local elementary schools will send calendars home with children when classes resume after winter break.  Get your FREE calendar now while supplies last!  

Calendar Features  

Recipe Highlights:

  • Twelve recipes developed in the ONIE Kitchen that were hand-picked by mothers as “must-try”
  • Each recipe is healthy, easy and quick to prepare, and budget-friendly
  • Each recipe comes with clear preparation instructions 
  • A label gives you the nutrient value of each recipe

Calendar Pages:

  • Extra writing space so you can add your own, reminders, birthdays, and important notes
  • Holidays and other commemorative dates are marked
  • Each page features fun tips that make eating healthy easy and tasty

Other features:

  • Cooking videos

    Love to cook but short on time?  Watch Stephanie DeBerry, Project Dietician, and Meredith Scott, Project Coordinator demonstrate how to quickly prepare six featured recipes. Cooking health on a budget made easy.

  •  The handy “Salt Check Tool”

We eat too much salt. It does not come from the salt shaker, it is hidden in the foods that eat. Find out whether your food is in a good range of sodium/salt with our 1 for 1 tool, located in the back of the calendar. Just match your sodium to calories, 1 calorie for 1 mg of sodium. 

In the 2016 calendar, each monthly page illustrates how the recipe meets “MyPlate" recommendations. These guidelines recommend that half of our plate be vegetables and fruit with a few more vegetables than fruit. The other half of the plate is filled with grains and proteins with more grains than protein.  

  • "Healthy Twist" for favorite family recipes

Who doesn't love those favorite family recipes. The only thing is that we may not love the amount of fat and extra calories. ONIE has 11 tips for easy substitutions that can reduce the calories and fat. Who knows, you may even like the new “healthy twist” version better than the old. Change it Up and see if your version becomes the new family favorite.  

  • Farmers' Market guide

Many farmers’ markets across Oklahoma now accept SNAP. These farmers’ markets offer fresh, locally farm-grown produce. Shopping at these farmers’ markets helps Oklahoma farmers and our local economy, plus you can taste the difference! See the 2016 ONIE calendar for a list of all farmers markets that accept SNAP benefits. 

  • Get your facts straight and learn the truth about SNAP

SNAP is a nutrition assistance program for individuals and families. Food can be purchased with these benefits. However, there are many common myths that keep many from applying for these food benefits. See the myth buster in the 2016 ONIE calendar to learn the truth. 

  • Making Sense of Nutrition Labels

ONIE made reading a nutrition label simple. See the back of the 2016 ONIE calendar for a handy tool that will make reading any nutrition label quick and easy; use it to learn what is really in the food you buy.   

  • Learn where to find more recipes, nutrition information, and other resources

The calendar also has links of where to find more resources to keep your family strong.

We are excited to release the 2016 ONIE Hearty Healthy & Homemade Calendar and hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.

Wishing you a Hearty and Healthy New Year.

The ONIE Project Team

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