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Gifts that Show You Care

Posted by ONIE Project on 12/22/2016

Healthy gifts from the ONIE Project

Gifts that Show You Care

Shopping for a last minute gift?  We all want to be a little bit healthier, and our friends and family can help us. Give the gift of health by choosing presents that make it easier to live healthy. Here are our suggestions:

Colander/Strainer: A colander/strainer is a multi-use item. In addition to being used to drain and rinse cooked pasta, another great use Healthy gifts from the ONIE Projectis draining and rinsing canned vegetables. Canned vegetables can contain as much as 590 mg of sodium in just one ½ cup serving. Reduced salt or no-salt-added items are becoming more common, but are not always available. One option is drain and rinse, cutting up to 40% of the sodium. 

Healthy gifts from the ONIE ProjectSalad spinner: A salad spinner is not a necessary kitchen item but it does quickly dry freshly washed greens and other produce. If you can clean greens with less hassle, you will likely eat more salads and other fresh greens. A salad spinner can also be used to drain pasta, and even potatoes. After owning one, you may wonder how you lived without a salad spinner.

Healthy gifts from the ONIE ProjectWater bottle: Drinking water instead of sugary beverages like soda is an important step anyone can take to be healthy, and most of us need to consume more water. A reusable water bottle is a smart choice to consume more water, and save money by not buying sodas or bottled water. By keeping a water bottle on your desk, water is always at your fingertips. If you don’t prefer plain water, join a growing trend by infusing your water with fruit or herbs.

Lunch box: Food prepared at home is usually healthier than frozen lunches, Healthy gifts from the ONIE Projectand shelling out cash when you could make the food at home gets old. Gifting your friend with a lunch box can be a jump start to bringing a healthy lunch to work. Slip in our Asian Beef & Broccoli Wraps recipe as a special touch.  

Food steamer basket: Steaming is a great way to cook vegetables, meat, and fish without adding fat. An inexpensive basket steamer that fits inside a stovetop pot is an ideal gift.

Healthy gifts from the ONIE ProjectPlastic storage containers: Support home-cooking by gifting your friend with microwave-safe plastic storage containers. Left-overs can be easily stored and reheated in these containers.

Tea infuser: Tea infusers or tea balls are a creative way to brew herbal Healthy gifts from the ONIE Projecttea. It is like an all-in-one tool. Loose tea leaves are sealed inside the ball, which can then be placed in warm water until the tea has brewed. Choosing tea is another great way to kick the sugary beverage habit.

Kitchen scale: Kitchen scales are an easy to use tool to measure portion sizes and recipe ingredients. Serving the recommended portion size is a healthy habit and may keep you from breaking the bank when serving more expensive food items like meat or fish (2-3oz serving is recommended). A digital scale also comes in handy when buying in bulk, another money saving habit. If a recipe calls for 8oz of pasta, you can measure the right amount in a snap.

Happy Holidays!

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