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Go Natural!

Posted by ONIE Project on 05/06/2015

ONIE Project: Natural Snack Tips

Many foods are labeled as "natural" on the front of the package but then when we read the ingredient these foods contain artificial sugars or food colorings, preservatives, antibiotics, and other man-made synthetic ingredients. ONIE is here to help you make some easy swaps for simpler snacking that you can trust to be natural.   

First, we have some idea for some easy mealtime swaps.

  • Breakfast: Choose whole grain breakfast cereal (unfrosted shredded wheat and oatmeal) instead of sugar loadedONIE Project: Natural Snack Tips varieties.
  • Lunch: Choose low sodium deli meat to put on your sandwich instead of bologna, glazed ham, or pepperoni. You can pile on the flavor without adding as much salt to your diet.
  • Dinner: Choose home cooked meals instead of restaurants or boxed dinners. Need help finding recipes? Click here for easy, affordable recipes: ONIE RECIPES


Now for easy ways to make a swap for healthier snacking. We suggest you eat these food items, which are natural and less processed, instead of these…

 Swaps for Simpler Snacking  

ONIE Project: Natural Snack Tips

Happy snacking!

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