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Growing Greens on Earth Day

Posted by ONIE Project on 04/22/2016

Growing lettuce at home with ONIE

Green and red leaf lettuce grow well in a garden area or in a container on your porch. It is one of the easiest vegetables to grow in Oklahoma and you can save money by growing your own. You may use your SNAP benefits to purchase the lettuce seeds or starter plants.  


Lettuce can be grown by directly planting seeds or transplanting starter plants in an area with full or partial sun. To prepare the soil, loosen it about ten inches deep and mix with compost. Then plant seeds a quarter of an inch deep and 1 inch apart. If transplanting starter plants, place plants 1 inch apart.  

Tip: If you are growing your lettuce on the porch, there is no need to purchase expensive pots. Shop garage sales for containers or use a pail. The ideal pot size is 6 to 10 inches deep. For drainage, place rocks in the bottom of the container.


Keep beds moist. As the weather warms, shade lettuce to protect from the heat.


Gently snap or cut outer leaves from the lettuce plants. The inner leaves will continue to grow, allowing you to harvest more lettuce from the same plant. 

Click here for a list of Oklahoma farmers' markets that accept SNAP.

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