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Healthy Green Bean Casserole

Posted by ONIE Project on 11/24/2015

Healthy green bean casserole from the ONIE Project

Healthy Green Bean Casserole

ONIE went to the test kitchen and prepared a classic Thanksgiving favorite, green bean casserole.  Compared to the traditional Healthy green bean casserole from the ONIE Projectrecipe, the ONIE Test Kitchen version cut the saturated fat by 67%, the number of calories by 34%, and the milligrams of sodium by 31%. Moreover, by using multi-grain crackers, the fiber content increased 50%. The amount of protein has been increased from 2 to 4 grams.  Yes! This recipe is a lighter and healthier version of this Thanksgiving favorite. 

 Click here to find the Healthy Green Bean Casserole recipe.

Tip: If you use canned veggies, draining and rinsing lowers the salt up to 41%. Choosing frozen veggies is even better because there is no salt added! ChooseLessSalt!

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We wish you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving.

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