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Healthy Springtime Treats

Posted by ONIE Project on 04/14/2017

 Healthy Springtime TreatsEasy Easter ideas from ONIE

Looking for fun and healthy springtime snacks for the whole family to enjoy? Listed below are some of our favorite tasty springtime treats! We’ve included instructions on how to make cute Fresh Veggie Flowers, yummy Eggcelent Popsicles, and delicious Eggciting Snack Trays. Bonus… these treats aren’t just healthy and easy to make, they taste great too!

Fresh Veggie Flowers

Easy Easter ideas from ONIE

These fresh veggie flowers are great for family get togethers and as an afterschool snack. They take only 20 minutes to make are super fun to eat. Click here for recipe.

Eggcellent Popsicles

Easy Easter ideas from ONIE

These popsicles are a little messy but fun to make and are super tasty! We advise enjoying this treat outside on a beautiful day. The great thing about these popsicles is you can use any kind of juice you would like. For ours we used 100% orange, grape and fruit punch juice. Click here for recipe.

Eggciting Snack Tray

Easy Easter ideas from ONIE

This snack tray is a healthy alternative to sugar-filled treats around Easter time. It is also a great way to re-use plastic eggs! Fill the eggs with healthy snacks of you and your family's choice. We chose foods from all five MyPlate food groups including low-fat cheese, almonds, popcorn, grapes and cherry tomatoes. 

Wishing your family a wonderful Easter and a happy and healthy spring!

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