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Let's Get Moving!

Posted by ONIE Project on 03/11/2015

It has been a very cold and icy winter, and I let my physical activity routine slide. All I wanted to do was stay warm. Sunny days are back and I need get moving again! My 30-minutes of daily physical activity is important for me. I have more energy when I am physically active and being active helps me cope with stress. Plus, once I get started moving, I enjoy being active. Yet, if you are like me it can be hard to get started after taking a break.

Power Through Resistance: Quick, easy workouts

ONIE is here to give us a jump start and is challenging us to follow along with the POWER THROUGH RESISTANCE videos, a series of five videos guiding us through an easy workout using resistance bands that you can do from your home. Each video is 5 to 8 minutes long. All you need to get started are your comfy pants and an elastic band; no need to pay a gym fee or go outside. Each video guides you through different levels for an easier or tougher workout. It is a great workout for adult women, but the whole family can do it together. No level of fitness or previous experience is required to participate.

Power Through Resistance: Quick, easy workouts

ONIE recommends that you always warm-up first before doing any physical activity routine. Otherwise, choose the video that fits you; do all of them or focus on a specific area of the body. If you are pressed for time, the Warm-up and Total Body Work Out are great choices.

  • Part 1: Warm-up (5 minutes) 
  • Part 2: Upper Body Workout (6 minutes)
  • Part 3: Lower Body Workout (8 minutes)
  • Part 4: Abs & Core Workout (5 minutes)
  • Part 5: Total Body Workout (6 minutes)



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