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New Research Findings

Posted by ONIE Project on 03/18/2015

 ONIE Project: Post-Workout Recovery Drinks

Spring is here.  Time to enjoy the warm weather, the sunshine – and a great time to get moving!  Let’s Get Midwest City Moving will host a family fun 5K walk/run on March 29.  If you signed up, we’ll see you there. 

And that brings up a good question.  Let’s say you do a fun activity for 30 minutes, enough to increase your breathing and to feel like you’ve put in some good effort.  What would be a good satisfying post-workout snack? 

No doubt there are many good choices, but one team of researchers looked at an interesting choice—nonfat milk.  Because it has no fat, some people think that nonfat milk is not filling.  Is that so?  To find out, Dr. Penny Rumbold at Northumbria University asked some young women who exercise for fun to take part in a study.  First, in the morning the women ate a standard breakfast.  Then at mid-morning they cycled for 30 minutes, followed by a drink.  One day the drink was a glass of nonfat milk; another day the drink was another healthy choice—a glass of orange juice with the same number of calories.  Finally, at lunch time they had a pasta meal.

The results?  Compared to the orange juice, the women reported a little less hunger after drinking the nonfat milk.  What’s more, they ate a bit less of the pasta meal.  The differences were not large, but the results show no support for the idea that nonfat milk is not satisfying.  So as you get more active this spring, don’t forget that nonfat milk can be a healthy choice after a fun and healthy activity.

Dr. Dave Kerby

 ONIE Project

Rumbold P., Shaw E., James L., & Stevenson E. (2015). Milk consumption following exercise reduces subsequent energy intake in female recreational exercisers. Nutrients, 7(1), 293-305. Retrieved from





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