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Oklahoma Farmers' Markets accept SNAP benefits: How it works in 5 steps!

Posted by ONIE Project on 05/16/2013

Farmers' Markets are OPEN and have some of the best tasting, quality, and local produce I have ever had!

These Farmers' Markets accept  Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and Senior Farmers' Market Nutrition Program (SFMNP) benefits. Use your benefits to purchase your favorite fruits and vegetables by using their simple token system.

Oklahoma Farmers' Markets that accept SNAP.

2013 Oklahoma Farmers' Markets that accept SNAP.

How SNAP and SFMNP works in 5 STEPS:

1. Before you begin shopping, go to the booth with the EBT Machine (there is one machine per farmers' market). EBT Table at the Norman Farm Market

 2. Tell the ladies or gentlemen at the table how much you would like to spend. 3. They will swipe your card and ask for your pin number. 4. When approved, they will give you 1 token for every $1 SNAP or SFMNP benefit dollar (If you do not spend all your tokens, they can put the SNAP or SFMNP $1 back on your card). **Watch for special promotions to increase the value of your SNAP benefit dollars. Sometimes, markets have special days or promotions to give you bonus dollars for using your benefits at their market. You can find any specials on the market's facebook, website, or at the market's EBT machines.

1 dollar and FM Token

5. Now it is time to shop! It doesn't cost anything for farmers' to accept these tokens as dollars, so majority of the farmers do accept the tokens! One way to know if the farmer accepts SNAP of SFMNP is to look for the Yellow and Pink signs. They will also display a sign if they accept other payment options such as WIC, Chickasaw Nations dollars, or credit cards. Note: The same rules as a grocery store apply at the Farmers' Market on what you can buy with benefit dollars. 

SNAP and SFMNP FM Displayed

Once all shopping is done, leftover tokens can be easily be  returned. The benefit dollars can be placed back on the card, or they can be saved for the next visit to the market.


We hope you enjoy your time at the Farmers' Market as much as I do! Let us know if you any further questions about Using SNAP or SFMNP! To find a complete list of all farmers' markets in Oklahoma, visit www.okgrown.com  Live strong and healthy, Meredith



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