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Posted by ONIE Project on 07/18/2016

Fresh okra at the farmer's market


We have renamed okra to "Okra-homa" because it such a local favorite! You can't beat the taste of locally grown okra! Not only is okra a local favorite, it is a nutrient powerhouse. It is rich in fiber, folic acid, vitamin B5, vitamin C, vitamin A, and protein. Moreover, okra contains essential minerals, including potassium, magnesium, and iron. With all these nutrients and a budget-friendly price, you cannot go wrong! Moreover, Oklahoma Farmers' Markets are overflowing with it.

Healthy Southern Chicken & Okra recipe from ONIE

Southern Chicken & Okra

Okra is often prepared steamed or fried but have you tried it as a part of a dish?  Well, let ONIE introduce you to Quick chicken recipes from ONIE ProjectSouthern Chicken and Okra. This dish is easy to prepare and a meal by itself. We think it will become a new family favorite. 

Click here for the Southern Chicken and Okra recipe.

 Baked Popcorn Okra

Baking okra is a healthier option than frying (frying can increase the saturated fat and more vitamins and minerals are lost when frying than when baking). Not to worry, our Baked Popcorn Okra is just as tasty as the fried version. As a bonus, no need to stand over a hot stove. Baked okra is easier to prepare because you can just pop it in the oven and leave it.  What is not to love? Baked Popcorn Okra has same great flavor with more vitamins and minerals, no saturated fat, and only 80 calories per serving!

Baked popcorn okra recipe from ONIE

ONIE Project: Baked Popcorn Okra Nutrition Facts

Click here for the Baked Popcorn Okra recipe.

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