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ONIE Goes to OPHA's Conference

Posted by ONIE Project on 04/23/2015

This week ONIE was at the Oklahoma Public Health Association Conference (OPHA) talking about our work to promote access to Farmers’ Markets and 1% low-fat milk. We strive to create programs that everyone will like, that promote lifestyle choices that are easy to do, and that will make a difference in the lives of Oklahomans.

ONIE goes to the Oklahoma Public Health Association ConferenceMeredith Scott, ONIE Project Coordinator, and Jade Owen, ONIE Community Outreach Specialist, gave a presentationabout our work with Farmers’ Markets across the state at the OPHA conference. There is a new fresh and healthy way to use your SNAP benefits at 12 Farmers’ Markets located in Oklahoma, two of which are located in the Oklahoma City metro area. The Norman Farm Market is one of the SNAP accepting farmers markets. Recently, the OSU-OKC Farmers Market began accepting SNAP benefits. For a PDF version of SNAP accepting markets across the state click here.

You may redeem SNAP benefits to purchase fresh produce, packaged foods, and plants that produce food at a Farmers’ Market. Produce arrives at Farmers’ Market fresher and faster than those transported long distances to the grocery stores. People find that you can taste the difference in the fresh produce purchased from a Farmers’ Markets. To learn more about Farmers Markets and how to redeem your SNAP benefits watch this short video.  

ONIE goes to the Oklahoma Public Health Association ConferenceIn addition, at the OPHA conference, ONIE team members, Karla Finnell, Stephanie DeBerry, Kendi Hansen, and Veronica Andrade, presented a poster describing the recent five-week multi-media campaign promoting 1% milk use in the home. 1% milk has all the vitamins and minerals of whole or 2% milk with much less saturated fat. In fact, 2% is not low-fat milk. We found that more Oklahomans are choosing 1% milk after learning that 1% milk is a healthy choice for their family. After the campaign, 1% milk sales increased 35.2%. 

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