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ONIE's Top 10 Game-Day Recipes

Posted by ONIE Project on 09/15/2016

Healthy tailgating recipes from ONIE

Tailgating Made Easy & Healthier

Whether tailgating or watching the game from home, ONIE is here to help you make the day fun. These recipes make food prep easy, healthier, and fan-favorites. Our list includes stews, pizza, chicken fingers, and more.  


1. Crispy Chicken Fingers Healthy game day ideas from ONIE

Baked in the oven, these crispy chicken fingers are finger-licking good.



2. Cuban Black-Bean Stew with RiceHealthy game day ideas from ONIE

Enjoy the robust flavor of this black-bean stew. 



Healthy game day ideas from ONIE3. Mini-Pizzas

Perfect for game day, top English muffins with your favorite toppings for a personal pizza.  


4. Zesty Quinoa ChiliHealthy game day ideas from ONIE

If you have not tried quinoa, it will become a favorite with this recipe. Quinoa is high in protein and gluten-free.



5. Cool Cucumber Snap Pea SaladHealthy game day ideas from ONIE

The light flavor of this salad provides a cool contrast to heavier game-day food. Enjoy it with your favorite crackers.  


6Homemade Yogurt Dip

Cut the salt with this quick and easy dip recipe. It’s healthier than most ranch dressings, and you know the ingredients in it. Serve with favorite veggies. 


7. Sweet-Summer Peach Salsa

Summer is ending but not fresh summer peaches. Enjoy this summer delight with chips.


8. Market Fresh Pasta Salad

The crunchy veggies in this pasta salad with a mayonnaise dressing make this a party favorite.



9. Picnic Potato Salad 

There are countless potato salad recipes. This one is our favorite because it is low in calories and sodium and but not taste.  


10. Baked Popcorn Okra 

These little popcorn okra bites make the perfect finger food.



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