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Picking a Tasty Watermelon

Posted by ONIE Project on 07/14/2016

Local produce from the farmer's market

Enjoying a slice of fresh watermelon is an Oklahoma summer tradition but picking the "perfect" watermelon can be a challenge. ONIE has spoken with watermelon growers and connoisseurs, as well as doing our own research. These seem to be the 4 things to look for when picking a watermelon. 

  • The stem—Is it dry and brown?
  • The color—Is it a dull green shade, not waxy and shiny?
  • The “spot”—Does it have a yellowish spot where it laid on the ground? If the spot is white or green, then the watermelon is either overripe or not yet ripe. 
  • The THUMP—When you "thump it" does it make a hollow and deep echo sound? A thud or less distinct sound means the watermelon is past its prime. A high-pitched or ping sound means it is not ripe. 

Tip: Take the tip of your middle finger, brace it against your thumb and flick outward very firmly on the melon's hide to make the time-honored traditional thump. 

Local produce from the farmer's market

Factoid: Watermelon is 95% water. Hydrate yourself with a slice of watermelon and avoid added sugar from sodas, sports drinks, sweetened-iced teas, vitamin waters, and energy drinks. 

While you can't beat a slice of fresh, cold watermelon, if you want to take it up a notch, below are 3 of our favorite watermelon recipes, Just click on the picture to see the easy to follow instructions. 

Healthy watermelon salsa recipe from ONIE Project


Healthy watermelon salsa recipe from ONIE Project



Watermelon Aqua Fresca recipe from ONIE


Here is another Watermelon Factoid.  

Factoid: One slice of watermelon has only 50 calories. 

Oklahoma Farmers' Markets are brimming with fresh, locally grown watermelons. Double-up your SNAP benefits up to $20.00 when buying fruits and vegetables at participating farmers' markets. 

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