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Salty Water?

Posted by ONIE Project on 09/10/2015

ONIE Project: Choose Less SaltAre you paying for salty water when you buy a canned food? Good question. You buy a can of food, and the label says the net weight is 16 ounces.  How much food do you get?  Many people think that the net weight refers to the weight of the food, so they answer 16 ounces.  Not so.  The weight listed on the can is food and water.

So how much food do you get?  To find out, Consumer Reports opened 63 cans of food, using various brands and types of food.  They found on average a can of food listed at 16 ounces would have about 9 ounces of food and 7 ounces of liquid.  So when you buy a typical can of beans, you may be buying almost as much liquid as beans. 

That’s not all.  Canned food is also loaded with salt.  Most of us consume too much salt, and we do not add it at the table—it has been added to many foods we buy. 

One way to avoid paying for salty water is to choose frozen veggies.  They have no added water and no added salt.  Frozen veggies.  A healthy family choice. 

Dr. Kerby and the ONIE Project Team 

ONIE Project

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