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Secrets of ONIE’s Healthy Family Recipes

Posted by ONIE Project on 05/19/2016

Simple, healthy recipes from ONIE Project 

Foods you can trust to serve your family! 

ONIE's success in developing recipes is testing each one and your input. Only tasty, easy to prepare, and healthy recipes meet our standards. For us, healthy means the recipe is nutrient dense or full of vitamins and minerals without unnecessary saturated fat, added sugars, or sodium. Our goal is that when you see an ONIE recipe, you can trust that it is tasty, easy to prepare, and healthy.  We do the work to get it “right” so all you have to do is cook and serve! 

Meeting the “Taste” Test Simple, healthy recipes from ONIE Project

Our ONIE dietitian, Stephanie DeBerry, knows and loves food. She oversees all things involving food. Based on what you have liked in the past and a passion for food, ONIE searches for recipes and then makes healthy modifications. Also, at the end of the day it is about your preferences! So we let women and men just like you rate the ONIE recipes. These ratings determine which recipes make the final cut!  

Meeting the “Easy to Prepare” Test

ONIE recipes must also be easy to prepare. To ensure that a recipe is easy to prepare, it must use only a few ingredients. In addition, these ingredients must be items that we usually have on hand in the kitchen, which saves $$$ and reduces grocery shopping hassles. Often we use frozen veggies because the slicing, dicing, and washing is already done for you. Moreover, 75% of ONIE recipes can be prepared in 30 minutes or less. 

You Decide What is “Healthy” ONIE Project: Nutrition Facts

Our dietitian vets every recipe to make sure it is healthy. ONIE also prepares an easy to read food label for every recipe. You can read the label and judge for yourself whether the recipe meets your standards.

1 for 1 Certified 

Salt is hidden in many of the foods that we eat. ONIE makes eating low-sodium a bit easier by certifying whether a recipe is
low-sodium. If you see a blue ribbon with the words “Certified 1 for 1”, you can trust that it is a low-sodium recipe—the number of milligrams of sodium are equal to or smaller than the amount of calories in each serving. 

Easy to Use Search Tools

ONIE provides several ways to search for recipes on our website. You can search by type of recipe, estimated preparation time, or do an ingredient search.Also, if you know the name of the recipe that you would like to prepare, just click on the first letter of the name of that recipe and an alphabetical list of recipes appears.  Also, the webpage is mobile friendly.  Often, I click on a recipe while shopping in the grocery store so that I can pick up any items that I might need. Moreover, there is no need to print the recipe—just pull it up on your phone right there in the kitchen.

Recipe ideas from ONIE

Recipe ideas from ONIE"Rate" Our Recipes

You have an opportunity to rate whether you find the recipe tasty and easy to prepare. We will pay attention and add more recipes based on what you LOVE!

Together, we can keep Oklahoma families strong. We invite you to try a recipe this week! 

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