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South of the Border Spaghetti

Posted by ONIE Project on 04/06/2017

South of the Border Spaghetti

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South of the Border Spaghetti recipe from ONIESpaghetti with meat sauce is a classic family favorite recipe. The question is, how do you bring new life to a staple meal? By adding veggies, of course!  We decided to change the flavor of traditional spaghetti by adding new veggies like carrots and cactus to give this dish a zesty south of the border feel. South of the Border Spaghetti is hearty, healthy, and takes only 25 minutes to prepare.

Cactus, or nopales, can be found most often at supermercados andNopales recipes from ONIE is typically fresh, frozen, or canned. It comes both as whole cactus pads, or chopped. Don’t worry, the spines are cleaned off before they are packaged. It is considered a very good source of fiber, Vitamin A, C, K, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, and Manganese. Most often cactus is said to have a similar flavor to fresh green beans, okra, or green bell peppers.

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Savvy Chef's Tip: Having problems finding cactus or maybe you aren’t convinced your family will like cactus? Have no fear! Green bell peppers are a simple ingredient swap that are cheap, easy to find, and won’t change the flavor of this dish.

ONIE Project: South of the Border Spaghetti Nutritional FactsLet us know what you think of the recipe by rating it here. Did you make any modifications? Let us know how they turned out! We love new ideas!

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