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Spanish Pork Saute

Posted by ONIE Project on 02/01/2017

Spanish Pork Sauté

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February is a month of love, so we're going to get things sizzling in the kitchen! Spanish Pork Sauté is packed with protein, vegetables, and flavor, without too much sodium or fat. It is also 1 for 1 certified because its sodium content is less than the number of calories!

Simple Spanish Pork Sautée recipe from ONIEIt calls for 97/3 extra lean ground pork, but with all the flavors from the vegetables and seasonings, the flavor from fat won't be missed! Fresh veggies can be expensive and hard to find during the winter months so we decided to use frozen and canned options instead. Don't worry, frozen veggies have all the same great vitamins and minerals as fresh. Convenient, budget-friendly, and healthy! What's not to like?ONIE Project: Spanish Pork Sautée Nutrition Facts

Show your loved ones how much they mean to you with a hearty, healthy, and homemade meal!

Click here for the full Spanish Pork Sauté recipe.

Savvy Chef's Tip: Any type of lean ground meat works great with this recipe. No pork? No problem! Try lean ground chicken, turkey, or beef!

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