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St. Patrick's Day Fun Food Ideas

Posted by ONIE Project on 03/15/2018

St. Patrick’s day is Saturday and ONIE has a fun, easy, & tasty Leprechaun Lunch Plate you can make with your kids! This healthy lunch plate includes: an easy fruit rainbow with nonfat vanilla greek yogurt clouds & pineapple gold; a fun cucumber leprechaun hat; & a filling leprechaun face peanut butter & banana sandwich complete with shredded carrot hair. These activities are simple,quick, and fun for the whole family! As an added bonus, this plate is a full MyPlate meal! Watch the video to get started!

What you’ll need

Finished fruit rainbow surrounded by bowls of the different fruits.

Fruit Rainbow

  • Cut fruit in all of the colors of the rainbow!

In this video we used strawberries, cuties, bananas, green grapes, blueberries, and purple grapes!

  • Nonfat vanilla greek yogurt for clouds!

  • Pineapple tidbits for gold!

finished cucumber leprechaun hats

Leprechaun Hat

  • 1 cucumber to make the hat!

We halved the cucumber and separated the halves. We cut the first half longways to make the body of the hat. We slice the second half and cut the slices into half moons to create the brim.

  • 1 bell pepper to make the buckle!

We cut one bell pepper into small squares to create the hat’s buckle.

  • Provolone cheese for the hat band!

We cut the cheese into slices and laid them on the cucumber as a hat band.

Finished leprechaun face sandwich with cucumber hat

Leprechaun Face

  • Whole wheat bread

We used two slices of whole wheat bread to make this sandwich. We used a cup to cut out the circle shape of the face.

  • Peanut butter

We used peanut butter as the protein for this healthy and tasty sandwich!

  • Banana

We added banana slices we had leftover from the fruit rainbows in the sandwich and then added one last half slices as the mouth.

  • Shredded carrots

We used shredded carrots for the hair, beard, and eyebrows of the leprechaun face.

  • 2 blueberries for the eyes



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