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Summer Feeding Program at the Muskogee Farmers Market

Posted by ONIE Project on 06/22/2017

Muskogee's Summer Lunch Club!

Muskogee Farmer's Market summer lunch options

Summer feeding programs are in full swing across Oklahoma. They provide a great opportunity for children ages 18 and under to get a healthy meal during the summer days. ONIE recently visited a summer feeding site hosted by Muskogee Public Schools to see what the buzz on free summer lunch clubs was about.

The Muskogee School District is partnering with the Muskogee Farmers Market to host a site for their summer feeding program at the Wednesday farmers market. They are giving out free bagged lunches to kids 18 & under for the summer months of June & July. Beyond the free lunch, they offer fun activities for the kids and access to the freshest produce in Muskogee! 

Activities for kids at the Muskogee Farmer's Market

The kid's started arriving with their families once the market opened. The school along with the Muskogee Public Library had activities to keep them entertained while they waited on lunch, which started at 11:30 am. Many families came out to the program. 


Healthy options from the Muskogee Farmer's Market


 The families shopped for fresh produce while they were at the market and met Farmers like Christina from Rose, Oklahoma. She shared easy ways to prepare all the varieties of vegetables she grows. She was especially excited to tell me how the Double Up Oklahoma program has given more families the ability to buy her fresh produce. 

Families were also able to see some of the young helpers who come out to the market to help their grandmother sale their yummy peaches, nectarines, and other tasty produce!

Healthy options from the Muskogee Farmer's Market 

Visiting the Muskogee Farmers Market is always a treat, but to see all the extra fun going on at their market is worth sharing!

 Local growers at the Muskogee Farmer's MarketThe Market Manager Andy and long standing #1 Volunteer Sylvia are always on the lookout for opportunities to grow and strengthen their market, and hosting this summer meal program is just one of the many examples.  


To learn more about summer feeding programs in your area click here or text "FOOD" to 877-877.

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