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Autumn Pasta

Autumn Pasta
Autumn Pasta is the secret weapon for the mom who wants healthier choices made easy. This recipe adds a vegetable mixture of green peppers, sweet potatoes, and tomatoes flavored with just the right blend of spices to a bed of pasta. Kids love pasta and with this flavorful topping, there will be no fuss about eating veggies. Read More

Cuban Black Bean Stew

Cuban Black Bean Stew
You are going to love the recipe of the month for January, Cuban Black Bean Stew. Including cooking time, this tasty stew takes only 20 minutes to prepare. This quick and easy dish is a meal all by itself. The beans in this recipe are an excellent source of fiber, potassium & protein. Yummy & healthy. Read More

Sodium is all the Buzz!

Sodium is all the Buzz!
Too much sodium is all the buzz at ONIE. They are pouring on the salt for us and now most Americans consume 3436 mg of sodium/salt every day, which is much more than the 2300 mg recommended daily amount. Read More

Watermelon, the State Vegetable

Nothing says summer for me like watermelon and ONIE was offering tastings of watermelon last weekend. For us Oklahomans, watermelon is the official state vegetable. If you like factoids, here is another one. A watermelon is one of the few foods that is both a fruit and vegetable. Yes, the watermelon is a superfood. One slice has almost a fifth of the daily recommended amount of Vitamin A and C. Read More

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