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Let's Celebrate Hispanic Heritage!

Let's Celebrate Hispanic Heritage!
Hispanic Heritage month has begun. Join us in celebrating Hispanic heritage with a delicious Latin inspired recipe. Read More

Sweet & Spicy Tilapia

Sweet & Spicy Tilapia
Sweet & Spicy Tilapia is a quick and easy recipe. Not only is it healthy, it is tasty. Instead of added salt, we used garlic, cilantro, and pepper to spice it up. The baked tilapia is then topped with a zesty pineapple salsa, giving you a great combination of sweet and spicy. Read More

Orange Chipolte Chicken

Orange Chipolte Chicken
Whether you have a special evening planned or are just hanging out, make your Valentine’s Day special with this delish Orange Chipotle Chicken recipe. It is easy and quick to prepare, but still says “I love you.” Read More

Sodium is all the Buzz!

Sodium is all the Buzz!
Too much sodium is all the buzz at ONIE. They are pouring on the salt for us and now most Americans consume 3436 mg of sodium/salt every day, which is much more than the 2300 mg recommended daily amount. Read More

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