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Spooktacular Healthy Treats!

Spooktacular Healthy Treats!
Worried about all of the scary added sugars in Halloween snacks? ONIE has you covered! Check out these fun, healthy and tasty snacks your whole family will enjoy! Read More

Halloween Treats for Kids

Halloween Treats for Kids
We have spooky and healthy Halloween treats for all the ghosts, goblins, gremlins, and princesses. Read More

Halloween Ghosts and Goblins!

Halloween Ghosts and Goblins!
I like to stock my house with lots of festive treats that don’t overload my diet on sugar and fat but still let me celebrate the holiday. One way to do this is to start dressing up your daily fruit. Of course I cannot take credit for all of these ideas but from a ‘hope to be dietitian’ standpoint I think these hit the “A” list for Halloween treats. Read More

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