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Infused-Water: The Cool Summer Drink

Infused-Water: The Cool Summer Drink
Join Shape Your Future and RETHINK YOUR DRINK to the cool new trend, infused-water. It is the healthy drink you will crave! Read More

"Eating Smart" Blog

"Eating Smart" Blog
ONIE offers you "easy to do" tips that will put you in control of being a healthier you. Skip the fad diets this year. Read More

Salty Water?

Salty Water?
Are you paying for salty water when you buy canned foods? Consumer Reports has conducted an investigation to learn the true facts. Read More

Watermelon, the State Vegetable

Nothing says summer for me like watermelon and ONIE was offering tastings of watermelon last weekend. For us Oklahomans, watermelon is the official state vegetable. If you like factoids, here is another one. A watermelon is one of the few foods that is both a fruit and vegetable. Yes, the watermelon is a superfood. One slice has almost a fifth of the daily recommended amount of Vitamin A and C. Read More

"MyPlate": The Perfect Plate

"MyPlate": The Perfect Plate
When it comes to eating healthy, “MyPlate” is all the rage! But what is it? Most of us were taught about the food pyramid. "MyPlate" has replaced the food pyramid as a guide to healthy eating. Read More

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