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The Salty Six

Posted by ONIE Project on 09/15/2015

ONIE Project: Choose Less Salt

Could much of the salt we eat come from foods that do not taste salty? According to the American Heart Association, three-fourths of the salt we eat is from six foods that do not taste salty. So what are the six foods?

The Salty Six!

#1 Breads and Rolls

One slice of bread can have up to 230mg of sodium. That may not seem like much, however, we often eat bread with breakfast, lunch and dinner. This adds up to a lot of salt!

#2 Cold Cuts and Cured Meats

Lunch meats are a major source of salt. One serving can have 750mg of sodium or more. That is a third of the daily recommended amount!    

#3 Pizzas

Pizzas—they are tasty, quick, and convenient and we love them. However, one slice can have 730mg of sodium (and let us be honest, who eats only one slice?!) By choosing pizza, we could easily eat the daily recommended amount of sodium. Yikes!

#4 Poultry

Chicken and other poultry, like turkey, is often injected with a salt-water solution. This means 8 to 20% of its weight could be salt water. We do not need the extra salt and it is a waste of our money to pay for water instead of meat. Read the label to find chicken that has not been “enhanced” with “chicken broth” or “saltwater solution.”

#5 Soups

Pre-prepared soup can be very high in sodium. For example, a can of tomato soup can have up to 1,260mg of sodium per cup. Seasoned dry-packaged soups usually have way TOO much salt. For example, one brand has 875mg of sodium per a cup of soup. 

#6 Sandwiches

With two slices of bread, lunch meat, and cheese, it is easy for a sandwich to have 1,500mg of sodium or more. Salt is stacked in sandwiches!

Choose Less Salt!

Choosing less salt can be simple. For one, we can eat less of the Salty Six foods and eat more frozen veggies. We can also choose chicken and other poultry that is not injected with broth (Plus, this is a money saver because who wants to pay for salt water.) Another easy thing to do is to prepare easy and quick recipes from scratch more often, such as making our own soup. Lastly, we can choose lower-salt options for many foods using the 1 for 1 tool.

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