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The Where, When, and How: Free School Supplies!

Posted by ONIE Project on 07/17/2013


The Where, When, and How!  

Free School Supplies!

Nothing says it is time to go back school than free backpacks and school supplies!!! 

The ONIE team has pulled together a list of free backpack drives in the Oklahoma City metro area,

and a few tips on helping kids get ready to learn!!!

Click Here to see the complete list and find the location that best meets your needs.

The ONIE TOP 5 List!   



It's about that time to go back to school!!   Kids are looking forward to seeing old friends and having new experiences. But... it also is a hectic time and the summer routine is changing.   ONIE has a few tips to make it a bit easier to go back to school.


1.  If you can manage it, encourage your kids to participate in school activities! 

It makes school more fun and it is a great way for your kids to be physically active and meet new friends.   They will also learn important people skills and learn about staying committed.  Kids who are involved in school feel good about themselves and are more likely to graduate.

Hispanic Man, Woman and Child having fun in the park.

2.  Make time for them. 

Sometimes what kids need the most does not cost any money at all- they just need some time with us.  As kids go back to school, set aside some time to just go for a walk or read together.  This can be a very special time for everyone to share their day, their thoughts, unwind, and laugh.


3. Routine! Routine! Routine!

During the summer, kids may wake up late or go to bed late.  The week before school starts, enforcing a regular bed time and wake-up time so that they can get used to the routine. Kids need at least 8 HOURS of sleep! 


4. Cut back on TV/Electronics time. 

This one can be pretty tough but it is important one!  Cut back on TV, video games, and other electronics.  One hour of TV/electronics a day is plenty!   If no homework, free time can be spent reading a book, playing outside, or helping out with household chores.  Kids who watch more than 2 hours of TV/electronics a day are more likely to weight too much,  have trouble sleeping, and school can suffer!

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5. Get ready for the week ahead together. 

The school week can be easier if things are ready for the week.   Take some time to make a grocery list and do the grocery shopping for the next week.  Depending on the age of your child, ask them to think about what clothes that they will wear for the week and what special things they may need.  Teaching your children to plan in advance will help them be organized.

And finally… the bonus tip!  

Enjoy this time.

The weather is still warm and with fall approaching the days will be a bit cooler.  As things become busy and crazy with school staring, our favorite tip is to take a moment to relax, appreciate your life, and enjoy the upcoming times. Karla and the ONIE Team



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