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To Power Walk or to Run? That is the question.

Posted by ONIE Project on 04/03/2013

We have all heard the myth that running burns more calories than walking. However, if you control for speed is this really true? Turns out, it’s not. If you control for speed you can burn more calories walking than you can if you were running.

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So why does this confusion exist?

Well most people believe that pain equals gain so the fact that running is usually more painful and causes you to lose your breath/sweat more, many people believe it must burn more calories. We also relate running with higher speeds and walking with lower speeds. In general most people walk at 3 miles per hour while they run at over 5 miles per hour. People do not realize how much harder walking is than running when they are walking at higher speeds. This is true because when you run the ground pushes you forward making it easier to move, whereas when you walk this does not happen. This concept is called propulsion (such an interesting word!).

Tips for healthy living with ONIE

So if you can walk at a speed of 4-5 mph you will burn more calories than if you run at 4-5 mph. Take those speed walkers for example, I know you've seen them. One day when you're out walking, try to follow them... you'll see how hard it is! Speed walkers are the perfect example of how walking can burn more calories than running. Most people do a fair amount of walking every day. For some people, speeding up your walking speed is a great way to exercise and burn more calories without the extra stress on your knees, ankles, or other joints. Painless exercise is a great incentive to be more active! If you're working towards being more physically active, or already enjoy a great workout, there are many easy ways to work in walking into your everyday life. For starters, you can burn more calories by parking at the back of the parking lot and walking to the store instead of trying to find the closest parking spot for ease. Also, while grocery shopping or out at the mall, take an extra brisk lap around the building. The more you work on adding in extra walking, the easier it will be. Now, I am not saying that walking is better than running, both are good forms of exercise and you should do whatever you feel comfortable doing. This just gives another option for those wanting to start adding in more exercise. Walking is a great stepping stone to better health. So... even if you can’t run you should walk. It is still great exercise and can help keep you happy and healthy!

Tips for healthy living with ONIE


Happy Power Walking!


~ Get moving and have fun, Peggy





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