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Tuscan Steak Pasta

Posted by ONIE Project on 01/12/2017

Tuscan Steak Pasta 

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Looking for a hearty, warm meal for these upcoming chilly winter nights? Our flavorful Tuscan Steak Pasta recipe is packed with fiber and protein, without too many calories per serving.

Tuscan Steak Pasta recipe from ONIEWe use garlic and mustard to marinate the steak to give the recipe flavor, without adding a lot of sodium. Many pre-prepared marinades you can buy at the store have enough sodium for the entire meal in just the sauce! For another simple swap, we add non-fat Greek yogurt and Parmesan cheese instead of a creamy pasta sauce. 

This recipe is simple. In about 30 minutes you can enjoy a hearty mealONIE Project: Tuscan Steak Pasta Nutrition Facts that won't bust your money or your calorie budget! A perfect meal for the new year!

Click here for the Tuscan Steak Pasta recipe.

 Savvy Chef's Tip: Can't seem to get through your fresh produce before it goes bad? Try swapping out fresh for frozen! Frozen kale is just as delicious as fresh, can save you time in the kitchen because it is pre-chopped, and can be stored up to 6 months. We love to keep frozen veggies on hand!

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