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Watermelon Factoids and More

Posted by ONIE Project on 07/23/2015

Watermelon Fest with ONIE Project

The Norman Farm Market will celebrate its 3rd Annual Watermelon Fest this Saturday, July 25, 2015 from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m at 615 E. Robinson.  Here are a few watermelon factoids to get us primed for the big day. For us Oklahomans, watermelon is the official state vegetable. It is one of the few foods that is both a fruit and vegetable. No matter, watermelon is an Oklahoma favorite. It is healthy too.  Watermelon is 95% water—moreover, one slice of watermelon has only 50 calories but has a fifth of the day’s requirements of Vitamin A and C.  Hydrate yourself with a slice of watermelon and avoid added sugar from sodas, sports drinks, iced teas, vitamin waters, and energy drinks.

How to pick the BEST watermelon

  • The stem—dry and brown
  • The color—dull green; not waxy and shiny
  • The “spot”—yellowish; not white or green
  • The THUMP—a hollow and deep echo sound; not high pitched

A watermelon that is not ripe will be waxy and shiny. All watermelons have a "spot" where it has been laying on the ground while growing.  A green or white spot indicates the watermelon is not ripe. A high-pitched sounding thump is another indicator that the watermelon is not ripe. 

Who doesn't love a cold slice of watermelon? Yet, the watermelon has much more to offer us. It can be used as a main ingredientSimple watermelon recipes from ONIE in salads, salsa, and even in a fresh Fresca drink.  Follow the links to find easy recipes using watermelon.




ONIE will be at the Watermelon Fest on Saturday.   Please stop by our booth and say hi. We would love to see you.

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