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We want to hear from you!

Posted by ONIE Project on 04/08/2015

The 2015 Step into Spring Let’s Get Midwest City Moving 5K event is over. This was the largest race ever; 905 people participated.

Let’s Get Midwest City Moving now needs something from you. We need you to complete a Post-Race Evaluation Survey. It can be accessed HERE and only takes a few minutes to complete. Anyone who registered is asked to complete the survey. This means that we are asking for your feedback whether you made it to the race day event or not!  

First, let us tell you why the survey is important.

  • You matter to us!
    • We use the feedback to help us provide a better event for you. It is our goal to create an event that fits what you need and want!
  • Didn’t make it to the race day event? Your feedback is still important to us.
    • We know life happens and sometimes you just cannot come. However, we can work to create an event that fits your needs better if we learn what kept you from coming or anything that might have caused you to be reluctant to participate. Please talk to us by completing the survey!
  • We care about a healthier Midwest City community!  
    • Our goal is to support the Midwest City community in being more physically active. The survey helps us learn whether it has changed.
  • Even though this event is free to you and your family, there are cost associated with hosting it.
    • We use the feedback you provide to prioritize the areas that matter most to you!

Second, I have a few tips to help you complete the Post-Race Evaluation Survey.

  • Do the survey on online and we will not call you.
    • For the survey results to be valid, we need a certain response rate (about 65%). Initially, we collect surveys online and then we call you to conduct the survey over the telephone. Please complete the survey on-line if you can so that we do not interrupt your important family time with a phone call.
  • Help us make sure your survey counts!!!!
    • We do need each survey to be uniquely identified and it is a crazy system. Please provide:
      • The last letter of your first name, e.g. Jane          E
      • The last letter of your last name, e.g.  Smith        H   
      • The month of your birth, e.g. May 14, 1959           05 
      • The day of your birth, e.g. May 14, 1959               14      
  • You can tell us anything that you would like us to know!
    • The Post-Race Evaluation Survey has an open textbox so that you can tell us anything that you would like us to know about you and the Let’s Get Midwest City Walk/Run Series of 5K events. 

On behalf of Let’s Get Midwest City Moving, ONIE, the Midwest City YMCA, and all of our sponsors and vendors, we love the opportunity to host this event for you and look forward to seeing in the fall!   

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