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5 Perks of Using Frozen Fruits & Veggies in the Winter

Winter is a time when most fresh produce is out of season. Because of this, many fresh fruits and vegetables are less available and can cost more.  However, frozen fruits and vegetables make it possible to have affordable, tasty, and healthy produce all year long! Here are ONIE’s Top 5 Reasons for why frozen is still a great option.


It's flash frozen!

Frozen produce is picked at the peak of freshness then flash frozen to seal in all of their vitamins and minerals.  This gives it the same great taste year round!


No added ingredients!

Unlike canned items, unseasoned frozen fruits and vegetables do not have added ingredients like salt, oil or juice. This way you’re getting the produce you want without paying for the additives you don’t!


Frozen produce lasts longer!

Unlike out-of-season produce, frozen fruits and veggies can last as long as 6 months!


They come in mixes!

Frozen produce is also offered in veggie or fruit mixes. This makes it easy to try new combinations. It also helps when a recipe calls for ingredients like stir fry mix or mixed veggies.


No prep!

A final added bonus of frozen produce is the fact that most frozen fruits and vegetables come pre-cut. This is a great way to cut down on prep time and is any easy way for kids to help in the kitchen!

Next time you’re at the grocery store and they’re out of your favorite produce item, make sure to check the freezer aisle!



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