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Summer vegetables from the farmer's market

Going to your local farmers market can be a fun, new way to get the freshest produce with the best taste. They provide a great opportunity to buy tasty veggies that grow well in Oklahoma. These veggies are grown locally in Oklahoma’s special weather. You might encounter some produce you’ve never seen before at the grocery store or see new versions of your old favorites.

Summer vegetables from the farmer's market

Tomatoes are a good example of this. Did you know that freshly grown tomatoes are not always perfectly round or red like they are at the grocery store? In fact, there are many different varieties, sizes, shapes and colors of tomatoes available. Some are shaped like pumpkins, not like a typical round tomato. Others can be orange, yellow, green or even purple! Despite the physical differences produce may have, they are still tasty and delicious!

Summer also brings unique varieties of squash you many not find elsewhere to the farmers market. Examples include patty pan, eight-ball and zephyr squash. Radishes too can come in all shapes and sizes.

Summer vegetables from the farmer's market

Trying out new types of produce or different varieties of your favorite produce can be exciting and rewarding. Next time you’re at the farmers market and you come across produce that looks different than it does in the grocery store go ahead and give it a try! You may just come across your new favorite food!

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