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Fast Food vs. ONIE Homemade Recipe

Compare Time, Cost & Nutrition of Fast Food vs. Homemade ONIE Recipe


Find easy recipes like this Aloha Chicken Plated Recipe on the ONIE Project Recipes page.

Is Fast Food as Fast and Cheap as you Think?

Making sure family dinnertime meals are healthy is always important, but in today’s busy world, it doesn’t always seem possible. In addition to being healthy, meals must be affordable, quick, easy, and tasty. Sometimes, nutrition ranks last on that list because fast food seems like the only realistic option.

The ONIE Project recognizes the pressures families face every night to make sure everyone is fed, and has put together a website full of recipes designed to compete with fast food in terms of price, taste, and time to complete, without sacrificing nutrition. Check out the following comparison chart to see if ONIE recipes could be a healthy and affordable fast-food substitute for your busy family! 

 Which is faster?

Fast Food vs Homemade ONIE Meal

Fast Food vs. ONIE Quick Recipes Time Comparison

Difference: It saves 30 minutes and no hassle of driving to make an ONIE homemade meal. 

 In addition to saving time, when you choose to make your meals at home with your family, you are spending quality time with them and teaching them invaluable skills about how to eat healthy that will stay with them and continue to improve their health for the rest of their lives!

Which Is Cheaper?

Fast Food vs. Homemade ONIE Meal 

(Comparison is a reflection of a meal that would serve approx. 2 adults and 3 children)Fast Food vs. ONIE Healthy Meals Comparison

Difference: ONIE's Aloha Chicken meal costs less, along with adding more items to your pantry that can be used in future recipes. 


Which has better Nutrition?

Fast Food Meal vs. Homemade ONIE Meal 

ONIE Project: Fast Food Meal Nutrition LabelONIE Project: Aloha Chicken Recipe Nutrition Facts


Difference: ONIE's Aloha Chicken Meal has less calories, fat, sodium, and carbohydrates then fast food. 


Which Is A Better Choice for You and Your Family?

It is easy to think of fast food when you are trying to think of quick, affordable, and filling meals to serve your entire family.  It’s important to keep in mind, however, that fast food restaurants are not thinking about what is healthiest for you and your family. 

ONIE Project, on the other hand, is a non-profit organization whose job it is to think of the long-term health of you and your family.  We also aim to compete with the fast food industry to provide recipes that are just as quick and affordable as theirs. 

Cooking at home can be as easy and simple as planning ahead for about 5 meals the next time you go grocery shopping. This way, when you get the urge to just hop in the car and go grab some fast food, you can remember that you already have an easy, healthy, delicious, and cheaper meal waiting to be made at home. This also saves you money because most of the ingredients that you buy for our recipes can be used for more than one recipe, and there are almost always leftovers! The ONIE Project recipes will not only help you save time, but money too!

Next time dinnertime comes around and you feel the urge to pack up the car and head for the drive-thru, try one of our recipes instead and let us know how you liked it!

Click here for ONIE's quick, tasty & healthy Aloha Chicken recipe!