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Make Your Own Stock!

Making your own stock can be done once or twice a month by saving the vegetable scraps you have from cooking in the freezer until you get a large supply. Its as simple as boiling your leftover scraps in water for about an hour. This flavorful blend can then be divided into small plastic or glass containers or resealable zip bags and frozen until needed in any recipe calling for stock or broth!  It is easy to be creative with the kinds of things you put in. Below are a list of some delicious options, as well as different ways stock can be used!

Awesome Veggies for Stock
(Both scraps and wilted, forgotten veggies are welcome!)

*Garlic (even the peels!)

*Onion (even the peels!)


*Celery (even the ends!)



*Herbs (even the stems!)


No need to chop anything up (although doing so can release additional flavor) just throw everything you have into a pot, cover with water, and boil for about an hour until the water is no longer see-through.When finished boiling, drain the liquid into containers and use it immediately or freeze it for later! Feel free to get creative with what you put in your stock. Just remember what flavors you liked!

Ways to Use Stock:

*Rehydrate rice or beans (in place of water, or mix half water)

*Rehydrate leftovers that are dry (in the microwave)

*Use for any soups, casseroles, or other recipes that call for stock or broth

*When sauteeing veggies that are sticking to the pan, add stock instead of extra oil!

Savvy Chef Tip:
You can also make your own stock using chicken bones, beef bones, or ham bones- or any other kind of meat scraps you cook with!  Meat stock can also be frozen and used the same way. Keep in mind stock tastes best if matched with the same kind of meat in the recipe!  Veggie stock is nice because it can be used in anything