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Time Saving Tips in the Kitchen

Quick Recipes and Healthy Meals from ONIE!

Are you looking for ways to make the most of the time you spend in the kitchen?  ONIE is here to help!  Everyone’s weekly dinnertime routine is unique, but these guidelines can be used by everyone!  Next time the pressure of providing healthy meals for your family all week long is weighing you down, try using a few of these tips to make mealtime go as smoothly as possible!

Tip #1:
Think Ahead

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It isn’t feasible to spend hours every night to look for a recipe, run to the store for ingredients, and still have the energy to prepare a meal for your entire family. However, if you designate one hour per week for finding new recipes and making a grocery list, and another couple hours for your weekly trip to the grocery store, being able to make homemade meals becomes a lot more doable.

When you are browsing Facebook at night before you fall asleep, try looking at recipes instead, (have you tried Pinterest?) and bookmarking or saving ones you want to try!  Then, at the time you set aside each week for making your grocery list, re-visit your saved recipes and try to find ones that call for the same type of protein.  This will allow you to buy ingredients at bulk prices and save some money!  Make sure to write down a list of everything you need, and you’ll have your weekly menu done in no time!

Tip #2
Involve your family

Dinnertime can be an activity for kids!Although children can slow you down in the grocery store and in the kitchen, getting them more involved in the cooking process as early as possible will keep them actively involved instead of just distracting!  In the grocery store, you could try having them search the produce section for the potatoes while you pick up the onions, or in the kitchen have them read the instructions aloud or help out with the mixing. As often as you can, try thinking of mealtime preparation as both “family time” and “grocery shopping time” or “cooking time.”  You may not finish as quickly as you otherwise could, but hopefully you will make some memories in the meantime.

Tip #3
Have a good source of tasty, quick, and healthy recipes

Lemon Shrimp Stir-Fry quick recipe from ONIE Project.When it comes to having a bottomless source of quick to prepare, budget-friendly, healthy, and delicious recipes created with your whole family in mind, try ONIE!  This is what we do best and we are here to help!  If there’s something in particular you’d like to see more of, try sending us an email, or let us know how we’re doing by rating any of our recipes online by clicking on the stars.

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Hopefully these tips have gotten some ideas flowing and have you feeling ready to fill the coming week with tasty recipes, memories, and some quality family time.

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