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Farmers Market Adventures: ONIE at Cherry Street Farmers Market

ONIE Project: Local farmer's markets


Hello, my name is Megan! This summer I am doing an internship with the ONIE Project. I was recently asked to visit the Cherry Street market in Tulsa to deliver various promotional materials among other things. Before fulfilling this request I had never been to the market despite being a native of this city.

I did not know what to expect when I reached the first farmers market vendor tent shortly after they opened at 7:00 a.m. Will I know what each type of produce is? Is it more expensive than the comfort of my grocery store bought produce? What will the vendors be like? How do I pick the right produce? All of my worries vanished as soon as I saw the smiling faces behind each vendor’s beautiful display of fruits and vegetables.

In addition to produce, the Cherry Street Farmers’ Market also had a wide variety of products to choose from including: meat, bread, eggs, kombucha (fermented tea), flowers and even yummy breakfast tacos! ONIE Project: Local farmer's markets

By the time I reached the last tent, I was blown away by the friendly, engaging atmosphere and lively nature of the market. Every vendor was willing to share everything they knew about their farm and hard-earned produce.

Some lessons I learned while at my first visit to the Cherry Street Market were:

  1. Get there early so you have the first choice of fresh produce!
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask the vendors any questions you have or if you are just curious about the way they harvest their produce.
  3. Make sure you know what produce is in season so you aren’t expecting something that won’t be there, like strawberries in July. A list of what produce you can expect to find at the market can be found here.
  4. Ask the vendors the best way to store fresh produce or do your own research before heading to the Farmer’s Market! This will help ensure the produce you buy doesn’t go to waste.
  5. Go into any farmers’ market with an open-mind. Some produce will not look the same as it does in the grocery store, and that is perfectly alright!
  6. Have fun! Enjoy the weather, people, food, and occasional live music!

The Cherry Street Farmers Market is open Saturdays from 7-11am at 15th & Peoria in Tulsa. To learn more about the market click here

Megan & The ONIE Project



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