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Farmers Market Adventures: ONIE at Muskogee's Farmers' Market

I'm Veronica and I visited the Muskogee Farmers’ Market in July. This was my first visit for the new season. I was looking forward to seeing all the lovely people I met on my first visit almost a year ago and trying some of the delicious food I had back then.

I arrived at the market around 7:30 a.m. on a cloudy day. At this time, farmers and vendors were setting up their booths. It was fun to see the behind the scenes of this great market. The timing was also perfect to snap some great produce pictures without disturbing vendors and customers.

Once the market patrons began arriving at 8 a.m., 15 vendors were ready to go with their booths’ beautifully arranged. I was able to visit every vendor and chat with them about their products. One of the vendors, a farmer, talked to me about how she grows her produce. She showed me pictures of her farm and even invited me to visit it! Such friendliness made me smile from ear to ear!

There are many kinds of vendors at the Muskogee Farmers’ Market including those that sale fruits/veggies, plants/flowers, bread, crafts, and cooked food. The market also offers space to community and educational entities to provide valuable information to their customers. While I was there, OSU-Extension was offering information about gardening.

I enjoyed returning to this market and seeing familiar faces and meeting new people. It was wonderful to see how the Muskogee community uses this great resource. There was not a moment during my 4-hour visit that the market was not busy! There were new and old families, as well as single people of all ages. As a treat to customers, the market gave free bags to make their shopping experience more comfortable, and distributed ONIE’s recipe calendars.

If you live in Muskogee, don’t miss out on this great market! Produce is locally grown; there is at least one vendor that has his farm down the street!! You can meet the people that are working hard to bring the community fresh food. Among the vendors, you will also  see  children, because having a farm and growing food is a family effort!

You can visit the market on Wednesdays 8a.m. – 1 p.m. or Saturdays 8a.m.-12p.m. The market is located between 5th Street & Okmulgee in front of the Civic Center. Keep up with this market on Facebook at Muskogee Farmers’ Market.  

Find a farmers market near you here.  


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