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Farmers Market Season is Finally Here!

farmers selling produce

Farmers Market Season is Finally Here!

For those of us who have had an opportunity to experience shopping at a busy farmers market, it's easy to understand why the start of market season is so exciting.  To find a market nearest you, check out the following websites:

List of ALL farmers markets in Oklahoma

List of SNAP-accepting farmers markets in Oklahoma

For those who haven't visited a farmers market before, read on to discover 5 reasons why shopping at the farmers market is worth a try!


Access to the freshest, tastiest vegetables around

Shopping at your local farmers market gives you access to fruits and vegetables that were often picked that morning, at the peak of freshness.  It's hard to find produce that delicious almost anywhere else!

farmer selling produce

Supports your local farmers and local economy

When you buy something at the farmers market, that money goes straight to the farmer that grew it, who lives nearby.  This is a great, easy way to show support for your city or town.

girl playing tomato tasting game

Fun experience for the whole family

In addition to getting to see the wide variety of fruits and vegetables, farmers markets often have other events taking place as well, such as kids activities, live music, or cooking demos!

plants for sale

Find lots of extra goodies

Farmers markets often sell items other than produce, such as plants to start growing food at home, baked goods, and a wide variety of arts, crafts, and household items.

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Many accept SNAP benefits

For a list of SNAP-accepting farmers markets in Oklahoma, click here!



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